Our purpose… Family Love!!

Christianna Williamson-Stewart was a very loving person. She was one of Papa George and Mama Genie’s thirteen children. Early on she felt the need to have “formalized” family reunions because not only were her, her brothers and her sisters now scattered over the United States with their children, but her aunts, uncles, cousins and their children were also scattered, making for a lot of missed love, hugs, and kisses from each other. So we continue to pass our history along to the next generation and share in the outpourings of love and affection for our family members…

Our purpose… Family Love!!

Our Family History

George Washington Aker was the maternal grandfather of George Williamson. Grandpa Aker was born a slave. He met and married Fannie Burns, also born a slave. Upon Emancipation, some of the children took the surname Burns, while others took the surname Aker. Today we have many, many generations of Burns and Akers, true descendants of the early brother-sister slaves.

Eliza Williamson, a slave was the paternal grandmother of George Williamson. She had two sons, Armstead and Henry Williamson. Armstead married Angeline Aker and they had Adolphus, George, Clara, Nezzie, Orange “Bud,” Annie, Essie, John, Allie, and James “Jim.”

Hike Hall, A slave, was the paternal grandfather of Eugenie Hall. He married Millie and they had Jay “Jack,” Luther, Mary Henry, and Frances. Jay “Jack” Hall married Janie Gaines and they had Eugenie “Genie,” Cornelia, Otha and Hester.

Mama Genie was 97 years old when she died and Papa George was 59. Mama Genie lived to see the 6th generation child born, Loxie Sanders.